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Server changes

CSGO PropHunt server has changed to a CSGO standard server with a few custom maps.

Our CS 1.6 server have changed to a CS Source server with custom maps and 10 bots online, this is just for a test period while we figure out how we gonna run our servers in the future.


The only servers that wont go offline in the near future is the Left4Dead and Left4Dead2 servers

COOP #1 –

COOP #2 –

COOP #3 –

COOP #4 –

New IP to all our servers.

During the day for some reason the IP changed to all of our servers. I am currently working on a fix for this.

EDIT: 15:03, all servers are back up with same old IP. We also changed the ports of some servers and started up our L4D2 server again. For more info go to Server page

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